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It is always a huge excercise, but we obviously done it again! In just two weeks production time we produced Flevopenningen MAG from scratch: interviews, photography, writing articles, layout, illustrations, production and editing, ads acquisition, the whole nine yards! In just two weeks! This can really only be done when everybody cooperates and, luckily, there were no insurmountable problems.

The Flevopenningen Magazine was just in time with the printer. Graficiënt in Almere that, like Steijger Comm, is a sponsor of the Flevopenningen. It will be distributed throughout Flevoland. Thirteen entrepreneurs were interviewed and photographed, further there are columns of the six entrepreneurial associations in Flevoland, and two interviews, one with commissioner Jan-Nico Appelman and one with Onno Vermooten, director of Concern voor Werk from Emmeloord. And of course we have the preface of Aucke van der Werff mayor of the municipality Noordoostpolder. The entire magazine is dedicated to the Flevopenningen and spotlights the Noordoostpolder under the motto "It's extremely good doing business in the  Noordoostpolder''.

We now proceed with the special MAG  dedicated to The Harbour in Zeewolde. This is yet another great product, the spectacular cover is already finished! Furthermore of course interviews, beautiful photography and stories from the old box. Well, also the third special went into production. The first interviews have already been done,  soon more about that.

Also interested in an own magazine of high quality, fully produced from idea to distribution? Let me know!

Cees Steijger

* Flevopenningen are the regional Awards for the Entrepreneur of the Year and the Innovative Company of the Year in the province of Flevoland.

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