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Since its establishment in 2000, SteijgerComm has been working for many companies operating in the technology, tourism, finance, or lifestyle. Some of the 60 + names from the past and present: Alcatel, Circle Holidays, Christelijk College Nassau Veluwe, Electrabel, Emap, Empire Poker, Euro Express, Eurofiber, Fortinet, Grisoft, Haier, IASO, Ineas, KMM group, Leaseweb, Linx, MAC3Park , MamboFive, Metafoor, Moxx, NeXtrategy, OKI, Prosu, Qelp, XB Networks, Scarlet, Sprengen College, Texas Digital, Three Five Photonics, TIE, Vonage, WH2A. These are all organizations that selected Steijger Communications because of our pragmatic, lean and mean result-oriented approach.