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First PR then advertising. That's pretty much the conclusion of the American marketing guru Al Ries. Suppose you have the choice of: a beautiful page ad with your message or an editorial article in the same newspaper? What's more credible?

The basis for success in PR is obviously a product or service with a news story or media value. By generating free publicity a brand is born, slowly, patiently and methodically. The purpose of advertising is not to build a brand, but to defend it once it has been built through other activities (mainly public relations).  According to Ries, advertising keeps your brand ‘top of mind ', and confirms what consumers already know by PR.

Nothing comes in place of something else. There are multiple parallel paths to success. SteijgerComm knows the publicity roadmap and knows how to come with the right mix. Clearly, there is room for advertising your business, product, service or offer. Almost never in isolation, always integrated with synergistic activities.

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