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There are many ways for you, to bring your brand or your product into contact with your target audience. Interactive communication is a very effective tool. The pursuit of interaction between brand and audience is part of a targeted brand strategy.

This is done for example with a (mini) seminar for customers, an opening of a new branch or business or the celebration of a milestone. There are numerous opportunities to interact with your target audiences. And SteijgerComm can support you with that.

Events can also be smartly linked to sponsorship activities. By doing so, you realise a very favorable basic starting position for effective public relations. The knive cuts, so to speak, both sides, while the available budget is being optimally used.

Thanks to our collaboration with the creative event agency

I'dees of Desiree Schalij we are able to find sponsorship opportunities and to define the right event strategy for you; we take away all your worries when it comes to planning, organization and the succesful execution your event.

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