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Each organization has activities or projects which it is proud of. A successful mission, a sophisticated solution, a satisfied customer. Be good and tell it! What is more convincing to a prospect than a case where a similar problem has already been solved by another customer? Let others tell you how good you are.

It doesn’t stop with good writing. Perhaps even more important is the fact that we understand your business and your customer! Because we have experience with dozens of companies in various industries, and in addition;  we are also entrepreneurs. We know what you and your customer moves or motivates, we know the issues and the bottlenecks.

That delivers inspiring articles which will generate the interest of your potential customers. Case studies, success stories and reference articles lend themselves well to share through Direct Mail, or via your website or an e-mail newsletter. They can be part of your acquisition, as part of your tenders and can be used at trade shows and fairs.

If bundled, they often provide an attractive portfolio, where you can be proud of and your prospects will be impressed.