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     In turn, Twitter is used to link to the vacancy or the application form. I also take advantage of the developments in the social media. Soon , a new sister company of Steijger Comm will be launched; secondment in the  communications / marketing industry. If you are interested as a company or individual? Fill out the form below.

- Cees Steijger

It is no surprise that social media transform our daily lives. More and more companies are making good use of social media for job openings. And how do you get your news these days…through Twitter I guess? I think that young people consider the newspaper as a phenomenon of the last century. Social media not only change our behavior, but also change entire industries.


     My colleague Andrea Proulx March of PR from Boston recently wrote a nice blog about it. She looked at non-profit organizations in the U.S. and found that on some scale traditional production methods such as brochures and e-newsletters are exchanged for social media activities. 98 percent of the U.S. non-profit organizations are on Facebook, 74 percent and 66 percent on Twitter on YouTube; until recently that was very different. The result: non-profit organizations who actively use social media see a growing number of individual donors.

     In our country it will be no different. Traditional media are particulalry hit by the social media. Where do you get your morning news, from the morning newspaper or do you quickly look on Twitter and on Facebook? The latter, right? News sites use Twitter to send short messages to push links to their regular news. Our own EZPress is doing that and then also enriches it with the right hashtags. I follow @BBCWorld, @rtlnieuwsnl and @bnr, which are active Twitter users, so in no time I am informed of the news.  The job market will benefit enormously from the social media. This industry is totally transformed in recent years. LinkedIn is especially popular: findi a job and respond in seconds. Employers have an excellent method with to LinkedIn to distribute job openings under a very wide audience, finding talented prospects can be found easily by scanning the profilesof the candidates.

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Soon, a new sister company of Steijger Comm will be launched; secondment in the  communications/ marketing industry.’